A Compliance Guide for the Childcare Sector

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  • Published: September 2015
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The UK childcare sector is strictly regulated by legislation and national standards that lay down stringent mandatory requirements in relation to registration, training, staffing levels and the age and number of children that can be cared for. Both the legislation and standards differ between each country in the UK and according to the type of childcare.

The level of regulation and focus on the sector has been strengthened by national developments, including the Childcare Act 2006, the Government's National Childcare Strategy and the Sure Start programme (England and Wales), the creation of the regulatory body Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland and the launch of Ready, Steady, Play, a National Play Policy (Ireland).

Across the UK, standards of care have increased, with tighter inspections and controls introduced to ensure the safety of children and the qualifications of carers.

This factsheet provides an overview of the legislation and national standards that apply to all childcare providers and covers country-specific requirements for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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