How to become a Fashion Designer

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  • Published: November 2015
  • Type: Business Opportunity Profile
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  • What qualifications and skills are required?
  • What are the key market issues and trends?
  • What are the main trading issues?
  • Legislation
  • Further information

Fashion designers specialise in the design of fashion garments and accessories ranging from high fashion ('haute couture'), to ready-to-wear fashion or high-street fashion. Some specialise in a particular fashion niche such as menswear, childrenswear, sportswear or bridalwear.

Many fashion designers are commissioned by fashion brands or niche retailers and boutiques and follow design briefs provided by their clients. Others work independently, designing and producing their own ranges or individual pieces to supply directly to boutiques. Experienced designers who are contracted by major fashion retailers usually concentrate solely on design, but freelance designers working for themselves or smaller boutiques may also cut patterns and sew sample garments.

This profile provides information about starting up and trading as a fashion designer. It describes the skills required, the training available, the current market trends and the key trading issues. It also explains the legislation that must be complied with and provides sources of further information.

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