A Guide to the Registration of Food Business Premises

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  • Published: August 2017
  • Type: Business Information Factsheet
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Any business premises where 'food operations' are carried out, such as storing, preparing, displaying, selling and serving food, must be either registered or approved by the local authority environmental health department in the area where the premises are located. As well as fixed premises like shops and restaurants, food business premises include mobile and temporary premises such as vans, trailers and market stalls.

Most food business premises need to be registered with their local authority. However, 'approval' is needed for certain premises that produce, handle or prepare products of animal origin which will mainly be supplied to trade customers (such as pubs, restaurants and caterers) rather than directly to consumers.

Premises are inspected as part of the initial registration or approval process, and on a regular basis afterwards. Anyone running an unregistered or unapproved food business premises is liable to a fine, or two years' imprisonment, or both.

This factsheet focuses on the application process for registration and the information that is required as part of that application process. It also briefly explains which types of food business premises require approval rather than registration.

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